MONA MUR, german vocalist,  "neo Weimar diva xtraordinaire",  composer for video games  ("Kane & Lynch 2:  Dog Days"),   former collaborator of "Einstürzende Neubauten"    FM Einheit and Alexander Hacke, teams up with Industrial Music legend EN ESCH known as  KMFDM-core  member and SLICK IDIOT frontman, programmer  and guitarist.      

 MONA MUR &  EN ESCH's unleashed drum loops and synthesizers, wreckless feedback guitars and the signature vocals of two extraordinary vocalists create a   blend of apocalyptic rock, tekkno, industrial, chanson, postpunk avantgarde and melodrama,    “half Marlene Dietrich,   half Black Sabbath“,  “strange and scary Rock `n’ Roll Cabaret"   (NEMESIS TO GO,  UK ).  

MUR/ESCH have performed in  New York, Chicago, Basel, Kopenhagen, Prag, Hamburg, Oberhausen, St.Petersburg, Moscow, Warsaw, Vienna, Gdansk, Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst, BERLIN INSANE, at HAMBURGER BAHNHOF MUSEUM Berlin,    were interviewed by ARTE TV „Welcome to the 80s“, featured in POP MATTERS and eternalized as 3D Computergame-Characters (“CULPA INNATA 2 – Chaos Rising“) with their Russian version of “120 Tage”.  They played ALTERNATIVA Festival Prag, WROCLAW INDUSTRIAL FESTIVAL, KURT-WEILL-FESTIVAL at BAUHAUS Dessau, WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN and several USA & Canada Tours with  together with Esch's SLICK IDIOT. In April 2011 Mona Mur performed together with En Esch, Günter Schulz and Raymond Watts in their KMFDM-set at the sold–out  WAX TRAX! RETROSPECTACLE  in Chicago. 

2015 they released the 7-track-album  "TERRE HAUTE" together with  FM EINHEIT as EINHEIT, ESCH & MUR on RUSTBLADE Records, Italy.

photo: Jan Riephoff